Maximise CO2 savings with your electric vehicle

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Great! You have an electric vehicle

By driving electric you are making a big contribution to the fight against climate change. However, the energy charging your car is not as green as you may think. The share of fossil-free electricity depends on the weather and fluctuates through the day.

When the sun goes down or the wind stops blowing, the green electricity your were promised is replaced by electricity generated from fossil fuels like natural gas or coal. Fortunately, otherwise you couldn't drive any further. But it also means your electric vehicle is emitting more CO2 than needed. And we're going to solve this together!

What can I do?
A good day - 53% fossil-free electricityA bad day - 11% fossil-free electricity

Optimise with CO2-Smart Charging

Green Caravan helps you to unlock every kilowatthour of savings potential from your electric car. Our app gives you insight in the CO2-emissions of your charging sessions, and informs you when it's the best time to charge your car. And if you have a Tesla you can make your car charge automatically at the right time via the app.

With our smart data we can tell you at which moment of the day the share of fossil-free electricity is largest in the electricity grid. So you know when it is the best time to charge your car. You can save up to 50% of CO2 on a single day!


Smart charging made easy and fun

You already have an electric car, that's great! Now time has come to realise its full potential by charging as fossil-free as possible. Green Caravan offers the following free and premium services:

⚡️ Smart charging advice: you receive a daily notification indicating the best time to charge your car to save up to 50% CO2.
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Premium service for €3,50 a month:

✅ The smartest charge card: world's first charge card that tracks your CO2-emissions! And the charge card can be used at more than 180.000 charge points throughout Europe.

🤖 Automatic charging: do you have a Tesla? Before you leave, we will make sure it automatically fills up with the greenest energy by charging at the best possible time. (beta-feature)

🌳 CO2-footprint and offset: for each charging session we give you insight in the electricity mix that was used to charge your car and what the CO2-emissions were. We compensate these CO2-emissions for you, in collaboration with Trees for all.

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User testimonials

I had no idea how much CO2 one can save by choosing the right time to charge an EV. Good to know!

– Yona, Tesla S driver

Now I know when the percentage green electricity is the largest and I charge at that moment. That feels good.

– Matthijs, early EV adopter

If I now charge at a bad time from CO2-perspective, it gives me a slight feeling of guilt. This app really has an impact!

– Kees, drives a Tesla 3

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